"Your Oil is Music" at the Boom Festival

‘Your oil is Music’ is the name of the project launched in 2007 as a way to inform people of the usefulness of recycling vegetable oil as a renewable energy source. And the final destination for the recycled veggie oil? Generators at Boom!
In partnership with the Council of Idanha-a-Nova, the program ‘Your Oil is Music’ educates people about the potential environmental disaster caused by throwing oil down the sink (1 litre of oil contaminates 1 million litres of water).

The solution is simple, get musically inspired by donating to the local municipality all used veggie oil. Or simply bring your used veggie oil to the Boom.

This is how Boom is turning the frying pan into a fun pot by using recycled energy to power music and lights. Check out Boom this year and take a whiff from the exhaust pipes near the generators. Does it leave a rumble in your belly and make you want to eat french fries?

( Text taken from http://www.boomfestival.org/boom2010/ecology-sustainability/your-oil-is-music)